BĂILE HERCULANE – glorie şi decădere

Băile Herculane is a spa resort in Romanian Banat, in Caraș-Severin County, situated in the valley of the Cerna River.

Coordinates: 44°52′43″N 22°24′51″E

Herculane Baths and spa was first documented in 153 AD. The name Ad Aquas Herculi was given by the Romans and means the holy waters of Hercules. The oldest resort in Romania, famous for its sulphuric springs, was considered “the most beautiful resort on the continent” by the Austro – Hungarian emperor Franz Joseph.

After 1869 years of uninterrupted existence, this exceptional resort started to shine again and reveal its historical heritage: baths, statues, aqueducts, votive tables etc. Besides the remained vestiges, the new hotels/ spa centres offer the tourists modern accommodation, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, parking lots, saunas, gardens and terraces, playgrounds for children, sportsgrounds etc.

Unfortunately, after 1989, some of the once hotspots for the communist elites were abandoned and fell into decay. Fortunately, a group of 25 volunteers (architects, students and web developers) started raising money to restore the Neptune baths and it seems they have been doing a great job. There is hope that the team’s intervention will be finalised in the next  2 – 3 years.

Till then, don’t hesitate to visit the place. There is a lot to do there: tours and day trips, outdoor activities and last but not least relaxation and therapy.

Photo credit: Mioara Iacob and InterviewsbyBrenda

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Definition of mofeta in English:


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