MADE IN ROMANIA (4) – Aslavital, Gerovital, Polidin

Aslavital, Gerovital & Polidin (Facial cream/ medicine/ vaccine)

BRINGING HISTORY TO LIFE (1)Today’s story is about three famous Romanian brands: PolidinGerovital and Aslavital and two female scientists.

🔎Polidin, a medicine invented in Romania at the Cantacuzino Institute and licensed in 1966.Some people consider it a vacccine. It was not, but it was highly recommended to children and elderly with a decreased immune resistance of the body, for prophylactic purposes in acute respiratory tract infections and viral infectious diseases (influenza).Everybody remembers the “miracle” medicine, but few know the name of the inventors. SYLVIA HOIŞIE (aged 93) was one of the researchers who created Polidin.

🔎ANA ASLAN (1897 – 1988), biologist and physician, a pioneer of social medicine in Romania.Although the medical field was not a desirable field for women at that time, Ana Aslan decided that she wanted to attend the Faculty of Medicine. Her mother did not support her decision, so Ana Aslan went on a hunger strike until her mother accepted her career. During the First World War she worked as a nurse. She is well-known for the dicovery of Gerovital and Aslavital, two “fountains of youth”, both aimed at delaying the aging process.

There were rumours her drugs were used by many famous politicians and celebrities around the world, including John F. Kennedy.

Myth or fact? Still a mystery.