PEONIES, my love

Which is your favourite flower? Mine is the peony. When writing about Enisala, I remembered the flowering season lasts for about 14 days in April and May and wanted you to enjoy the beautiful pictures of these splendid flower. Who knows, one day this exquisite flower, the flower of honour, love and understanting, might become our national flower.

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There are several nature reserves you should visit at least once in your life. The wild peony protected areas in Romania lie in Transylvania, Dobrogea or Oltenia. If you plan a trip to Enisala, you should do it in May when the peonies are in full boom in the natural reserve “Dealul Bujorului”. You’ll hit two rabbits with one shot: visit the fortress and discover the paradise of flowers. It’s absolutely magic.

Stunning peony shows can be admired in spring in several regions in Romania: Macin si Babadag, Tulcea; Troianul, Teleorman; Comana, Giurgiu; Zau de Câmpie, Mureş; Pleniţa, Dolj or Stoicăneşti, Olt.

Is an idea beginning to develop, wherever you go, don’t forget these “Rules for visiting a Reservation“:

  1. If you want to avoid the crowd, plan your trip on a weekday.
  2. Don’t vandalise the field. Many workers and volunteers put a lot of work in maintaining it. So, don’t pick flowers, take only pictures. Don’t leave garbage behind, leave only footprints. And … don’t step off the path.

The elegant, delicate peonies will freshen your day. Go for it!

Unfortunately, we can celebrate the beauty of these flowers only for a fortnight in April or May. Don’t miss the chance!

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  1. Bujorul românesc din Dobrogea – specie protejată prin lege Sursa Facebook Dragoş Asaftei
  2. Wild red peonies

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